Birthday cards from Digital Greeting cards. Now there is a brand new way of sending a Birthday card. Check out the Back to the Future Birthday card, with a QR that plays your own recorded message. You can change the time circuits on the card, great for Birthdays and other events..

There are a wide range of Birthdya cards to choose from. Whether it’s a Victor Meldrew Birthday card, great to have fun with a grumpy family member. Or, how about the Gordon Ramsay Birthday card, that you can personalise. Our fun range of funny Birthday cards are sure to bring a smile.

Birthday Cards

Gordon Ramsay Birthday Card

Ramsay Birthday Card

As a big fan of the chef Ramsay, introducing the Gordon Ramsay Birthday card. Our own litte tribute, featuring a pencil sketch of one of his famous looks. A great Birthday card for chefs, cooks and many more. In store now.

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Back to the Future

Birthday Card

It’s time to go back to the future, with this great new birthday card. Time circuits personalised with your birthday, great scott!  Great for sending a card as a Birthday or a gift. Also great for adding Back to the Future Musical tickets to the card as a gift.
Premium card comes with a qr card and personalised recording, add your very own message inside. Up to 60 words will be recorded as Doc Brown, which will play when opening up the card and scanning the qr code. I will see you in the future!

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Back to the Future Birthday card