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Digital Greeting Cards

Digital Greeting Cards. Digital Birthday cards and invitations. Greeting Cards can be downloaded personalised and printed at home. You can also add digital QR codes, than will play a recording on a Smartphone when scanned. Your Birthday message can be recorded as Doc Brown from Back to the Future. Just add your very own script. Take a look at our Digital Invitations, no waiting for delivery. Great for customising and printing in the comfort of your own home

Many of our Birthday cards can have a QR added. These designs are best viewed on computer so you can scan with your phone. Have some fun with your family & friends, or your workmates. Have a bit of fun with a Birthday card a Digital Invitation from Digital Greeting Cards

Digital Invitations

80's Party Invitation

Digital Invitations Download & Print

Check out the brand new Digital Invitations 80’s Party Invitation – Digital Greeting Cards Customise and download, then print in the comfort of your own home. An eco friendly way of sendign a Birthday card or Invitation.

Birthday Cards

Stuart SmithBoycie Birthday Greeting
Stuart SmithSnape Birthday Message
Stuart SmithTrump Birthday Greeting


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