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Digital Greeting Cards sell a fun range of greeting cards and videos. Our Birthday Cards can be completely personalised and printed to order. You can also add QR codes, than will play a recording when scanned. Birthday cards can now be personalised like never before. We can record your script as Snape, great for Harry Potter fans. Doc Brown from Back to the Future as well, all recorded from your own script. We also sell video greetings, so you can tag your friends and family, share them on TikTok or Instagram

Take a look at the photos around the website of our personalised Birthday cards, scan the QR codes for yourself. They are best viewed on computer so you can scan with your phone, or simply watch the videos and listen to the demos. All the voices can be personalised with your very own script and QR code added. Have some fun with your family & friends, or your workmates. Have a bit of fun with a greeting card or video greeting from Digital Greeting Cards

Video Greetings can also be personalised, Great for a party with an 80’s theme or Back to the Future party. Your script can be recorded, then added to the Mp4, tag people on Instagram or Tik Tok. Video greetings also help the environment with less shipping and printing.

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Back To The Future Birthday Cards

Check out the brand new Back To the Future Birthday Card. Available as a blank card, or you can also add a QR code with personalised recording from the Doc, great scott! Scan the QR code on the product page to check it out.

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