Owner of Digital Greeting Cards Stuart on the right, is a voice over artist who specialises in celebrity impressions. The voice behind many of the Sat Nav Voices that were around for many years, including the one used on Gordon Gino & Fred.

Birthday cards and many other Greeting Cards are still loved by any people. But Digital Greeting Cards believes many are wishing to send greetings in different ways. They are already happening on Instagram and Tik Tok and via many other apps. That is where voice overs come into it on greeting cards, as well as video greetings. The Snape voice for example, can be used to send a Snape Birthday card, with a QR Code playing a recording. You can even personalise the recordings as well, by sending your own script. 

Video greetings on Instagram or Tik Tok stories are a great new way to send a greeting, tags your friends, family and loved ones. Impressions and Voice overs add a new dimension to a greeting card, that can be completely personalised.

impressions by Stuart J Smith

Add Impressions to a Personalised Card

Stuart SmithAttenborough Birthday Message
Stuart SmithBarbosa Pirate Invite Coming Soon
Stuart SmithVictor Meldrew Birthday Greeting
Stuart SmithMichael Caine Birthday Greeting


Video Greetings

Stuart SmithMorgan Birthday Greeting
Stuart SmithRamsay Birthday Greeting
Stuart SmithTrump Birthday Greeting
Stuart SmithLiam Neeson Birthday Greeting